Weigela florida

Weigela Bonsai

Native to China and Korea’s woodland outskirts. A deciduous shrub, Weigela florida have dark ovate leaves strikingly offest by pink funnel-shaped flowers. Come the early Summer, Weigela bonsai are a dazzling sight in any garden display.  

Weigela Bonsai Care Tips

Weigela bonsai thrives in full sun and appreciates some shade at the height of summer. This species is hardy to frost to -10 degrees C.  

There is no definitive guide to watering and it should be conducted on an observational schedule, not a routine. This means that it is important to keep an eye on the moisture levels of the soil to avoid over and under-watering. The top 1 cm or so should be allowed to dry out in between waterings and allow good aeration of the roots. 

Weigela bonsai should be fed every two weeks across the growing season. 

Repot your Weigela bonsai tree every two to three years in early Spring. Repotting should be done as the buds extend and in review of root production. 

Weigela bonsai are suitable for cascade and informal upright styles in large and medium trees. We recommend using wires with a thickness that matches the thickness of the branch: if the wire you choose is too thick you will damage the bark. If it is too thin, it won’t be effective.

Repotting your tree is an important way to provide a fresh and suitable soil mix and ensure appropriate root health. Repot in early spring. Repot Weigela bonsai every two years as soon as the buds extend. 

Trees that are ready for repotting will require root pruning, a suitable new pot and appropriate soil mix.

When repotting, do not cut back the root mass by a large amount, and choose a well-draining soil mix that has a neutral or slightly higher PH value of 5-6 but not over 7. We tend to use a mixture of different speciality bonsai soils on our trees. Every species is different so please contact us for free soil-mix advice or to take advantage of our repotting service.

Bonsai trees aren’t only magnificent additions to an indoor oasis, they are more than capable of standing out in any garden. Many Bonsai species are incredibly hardy and withstand nature’s colder and damper turns with aplomb making them worthwhile outdoor plants. We have an extensive library of care guides for outdoor bonsai trees. It’s not about selecting the perfect bonsai, it’s about selecting the perfect bonsai for you. 

Weigela Bonsai - Typical Queries

Weigela can be propagated with seeds, cuttings and layering. Seeds can be sown outside in Autumn. Weigela is particularly strong with cutting propagation. Last year’s wood can be used in Spring and the current wood after hardening can be used in the summer. Division and air layering are particularly potent methods. 

While not particularly prone to health concerns, Weigela can still fall prey to spider mites or final infections. Appropriate remove by hand, water or insecticides will suffice. 

Weigela is a relatively straightforward plant to care for and is suitable for many different styles, neither does it fall prey to many diseases. For a beginner, this shouldn’t prove too challenging a bonsai.