LED lighting for bonsai

  • grow lights
  • Tropical and subtropical bonsai
  • give the bonsai trees a total of 12 – 15 hours of light (natural plus supplementary
  • correct distribution of the light spectrum.
  • promote photosynthesis
  • light strip
  • temperature
  • climate
  • Red and blue light
  • light source must have sufficient illuminance
  • lux
  • lamps
  •  5,000 and 10,000 Kelvin
  • daylight white
  • full spectrum
  • maxibright daylight
  • sanlight
  • secret jardin growing strip
  • digital light kit
  • HPS bulb
  • sanlight m-dimmer
  • power cable

colour spectrum of natural light is composed of green, red and a high share of blue colour component

right ratio of these light components

LED lighting for bonsai

Too little light or too small a red component will result in unattractive growth with pale shoots with few leaves. The red colour spectrum promotes the growth of fruits and blossoms, while the blue supports shoot and foliage growth.

illuminate the bonsai trees from above

growing strip

blooming strip

15 hours a day

LED plant lamps are always worthwhile


LED lighting for bonsai

accelerate growth

extra sunlight



artificial sunlight

solar power

maxibright lightwave propagator light

maxibright propagator light

sunblaster lamp and fixture

envirogro pro CFL reflector

lumii maxii reflector

lighting kit

cfl bulbs

compact flourescent lamp

propagation lamp

lamp lead

lumii HID CFL converter

high pressure sodium lamps

pest management

water management

led lighting for bonsai

  It can survive outside in the summer if the nights are warm enough. The tea tree is a little trickier in the winter when days are shorter and colder, so consider supplementing with artificial grow lights and horticultural heaters to provide adequate energy for healthy growth.

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