🌳Breathe New Life into Your Bonsai with Our Expert Repotting Services🌳
Your bonsai deserves the royal treatment, and what better way to show it love than with a rejuvenating repotting session? At Miyagi Bonsai, we >understand the delicate art of repotting and are thrilled to offer our expert services to bonsai enthusiasts like you.

Tree size Bonsai repotting service charge
Up to 15cm tall From £10 per tree
Up to 30cm tall From £15 per tree
Up to 60cm tall POA
Up to 80cm tall POA
Over 80cm tall POA

Why Repot?
Repotting is a crucial aspect of bonsai care, ensuring your miniature masterpiece continues to thrive and flourish. Over time, the soil in your bonsai’s pot can become depleted of essential nutrients, hindering its growth and overall health. Our repotting services breathe new life into your bonsai, providing it with the fresh soil and care it needs to thrive.

Leave it to the Experts
Not quite sure how to go about repotting your bonsai? Fear not! Our skilled team at Miyagi Bonsai has the experience and know-how to handle this delicate task with precision and care. We’ve got the green thumbs and the passion for preserving the beauty of your bonsai.

How it Works
Bringing your bonsai in for repotting is a breeze. Simply drop off your beloved tree with us, and we’ll work our magic. Depending on our schedule, you can either wait for it or come back to a rejuvenated and refreshed bonsai.

Why Choose Us?
● Expertise: Our team consists of seasoned bonsai enthusiasts who understand the unique needs of these miniature wonders.
● Care: We treat your bonsai as if it were our own, ensuring every step of the repotting process is handled with precision and care.
● Convenience: Don’t stress about the details. Leave the repotting to us, and you’ll come back to a healthier, happier bonsai.

Give your bonsai the gift of a new home. Contact Miyagi Bonsai today to schedule a repotting session and watch your little tree thrive like never before!
Please call or send us an email: 020 3871 1006 or info@miyagibonsai.co.uk to book your bonsai trees in with us.