Miyagi Bonsai was established in 2020, we are based within the heart of London. We decided to start Miyagi Bonsai as we have been bonsai fanatics ever since we was children and have been bonsai owners for more than 20 years. Even though Miyagi Bonsai was established recently, we have been in the industry and trading bonsais for more than 10 years.

Here at Miyagi bonsai we believe we have all of the necessary products to fulfil our customer needs. Stocking a wide variety of indoor and outdoor bonsais, ceramic bonsai pots and trays, bonsai nutrients, bonsai soils, training accessories, pruning tools, bonsai ornaments, supplementary lighting, irrigation and plenty of other horticultural accessories. We are also open to sourcing quality products we currently do not have in stock upon request.

Moreover, Miyagi Bonsai believes that we can spread the love we have for bonsai through our passion that we have for these unique miniature trees. As we have lived in London all our lives, we have seen the gentrification take place within inner London, which has resulted to urbanisation bringing nature lovers into our concrete city. The big factor to this is that we realised that outdoor garden space has become more limited nowadays and that there is loads of high-rise apartments in London with practically no outdoor garden space and we established that bonsai are the perfect solution for nature lovers to bring their passions inside and create a mini garden inside their homes. So we set out to share our love, experience and knowledge we have about bonsai to our customers to ensure that we give the best possible advice on how to care and nurture bonsai so that they last forever and can get passed down generations.