Loropetalum chinense

Chinese Fringe Flower Bonsai

Native to Japan and China. This semi-evergreen shrub thrives in subtropical and warm climates producing fascinating tassel-like petals from its flowers. Its beautiful ovate leaves are a leathery texture in a moody burgundy colour.

Chinese Fringe Flower Bonsai Care Tips

In a temperate climate like the UK, Chinese Fringe Flower bonsai are best grown indoors. It can be grown outdoors in the warmer summer months but will require frost protection. In temperate climates, this bonsai requires full sun. 

Despite its drought-tolerant nature, Chinese Fringe Flower bonsai should be kept well watered throughout the growing season. In winter be sure to keep the soil moist. 

Feed across the growing season. In the spring and the start of summer use a fertiliser with high nitrogen content. Toward the end of summer use a feed with lower nitrogen content. 

Prune across the summer to develop the trees bushy qualities. 

Chinese Fringe Flower does not require wiring, all shaping can be achieved through pruning. 

Repotting your tree is an important way to provide a fresh and suitable soil mix and ensure appropriate root health. Using an acidic soil mix with humus content, repot your Chinese Fringe Flower every 2-3 years in the Spring. 

Trees that are ready for repotting will require root pruning, a suitable new pot and appropriate soil mix.

When repotting, do not cut back the root mass by a large amount, and choose a well-draining soil mix that has a neutral or slightly higher PH value of 5-6 but not over 7. We tend to use a mixture of different speciality bonsai soils on our trees. Every species is different so please contact us for free soil-mix advice or to take advantage of our repotting service.

Bonsai make for a one-of-a-kind indoor plant offering elegance, nature and art all in one minute form. Across an array of exquisite and erudite species, they all demand their own specific care and cultivation needs in order for their beauty to flourish. We have an extensive library of care guides for indoor bonsai trees so you can make an informed and considered choice. It’s not about selecting the perfect bonsai, it’s about selecting the perfect bonsai for you. 

Chinese Fringe Flower Bonsai - Typical Queries

Chinese Fringe Flower is best propagated with cuttings. Hardwood is the ideal cutting to use and it is to be dipped in rooting hormone before placement. Use a moist soil mixture and ensure the pot is placed in some shade. After rooting they can be transferred to an appropriate pot for the leaves to bud. Once the leaves have budded out, the cutting can be moved to an environment with better light. 

This species thrives in an acidic well-draining loam soil. 

Chinese Fringe Flowers are not a species that attracts diseases or pests. This should be a trouble free plant to care for. 

As a pest-free and hardy species that can be kept both indoors and outdoors, Chinese Fringe Flower is a good choice for the beginner bonsai enthusiast. It has average water needs and can be ultimatey be pruned at any time.