Potentilla Fruiticosa

Potentilla, Cinquefoil Bonsai

This hardy, deciduous shrub is one of the most popular bonsai in Japan. Come the summer, this delightful tree blossoms bright yellow flowers for a sparkling aesthetic. Not only can this shrub produce a range of colours, but its flaking bark adds to its characterful appearance. 

Potentilla, Cinquefoil Bonsai Care Tips

Being Native to the Northern Hemisphere, Potentilla is hardy to temperate regions. It should be kept in full sun across the growing season and requires no special protections across winter. 

Across the growing season Potentilla should be watered day in and day out. It is important not to let the soil dry out any time, in winter make sure the soil stays moist.

Apply a fertiliser once a month across the growing season from spring to the end of summer. 

Long shoots require pruning back in late summer. Secondary shoots growing tips can be pinched out when the first new leveas have emerged. Secondary branches new shoots should be trimmed only lightly towards the end of summer.  

Potentilla is a bonsai with minimal wiring requirements. If desirable you can wire back its hardened shoots towards the end of summer. We also recommend using wires with a thickness that matches the thickness of the branch: if the wire you choose is too thick you will damage the bark. If it is too thin, it won’t be effective.

Potentillas should be repotted every other year during the start of spring. 

Trees that are ready for repotting will require root pruning, a suitable new pot and appropriate soil mix.

When repotting, do not cut back the root mass by a large amount, and choose a well-draining soil mix that has a neutral or slightly higher PH value of 5-6 but not over 7. We tend to use a mixture of different speciality bonsai soils on our trees. Every species is different so please contact us for free soil-mix advice or to take advantage of our repotting service.

Bonsai trees aren’t only magnificent additions to an indoor oasis, they are more than capable of standing out in any garden. Many Bonsai species are incredibly hardy and withstand nature’s colder and damper turns with aplomb making them worthwhile outdoor plants. We have an extensive library of care guides for outdoor bonsai trees. It’s not about selecting the perfect bonsai, it’s about selecting the perfect bonsai for you. 

Potentilla, Cinquefoil Bonsai - Typical Queries

No, a Potentilla Bonsai is not suitable for indoor cultivation. It needs full sun exposure and cold winter dormancy to thrive and flower. It should be placed outdoors in a sunny spot and protected from frost and strong winds.

Potentilla Bonsai can be propagated with seeds or cuttings. In the summer take greenwood cuttings. Seeds should be sown in Spring or Autumn.

Potentilla bonsai are usually trouble-free species. They can have aphid and scale attacks like other bonsai, but it isn’t common and there are no other concerns. 

Non-toxic to humans and pets.