bonsai training wire

wiring bonsai trees

  • important technique for shaping your bonsai tree
  • First, identify the branches you want to manipulate into a different direction or position.
  • aluminium
  • copper
  • decidous, evergreen
  • gauge
  • raffia
  • guy wires
  • double-wiring
  • bend wires
  • Choose wires with a gauge that matches the thickness of the branch. If the wire you choose is too thick, you risk damaging the branch. If it’s too thin, it won’t be effective.If you are wrapping the wire on a branch, start it on the trunk and let it flow onto the branch. If the trunk is already wired, then you can follow it around to make two parallel double wires.Wrap the wires around the trunk and branches at a 45° angle.Get the wires as firmly around the trunk and branches as possible. If there are spaces, it may not work effectivelyIf you are twisting the branches or trunk, wind the wire in the same direction you want to twist. For example, if you want to twist a branch or trunk anticlockwise, wrap the wire anticlockwise.

    Once the wire is in place, gently bend the trunk and/or branches into the desired position. Be careful not to break or damage the branches.

    Remember to check the wires regularly and adjust them as necessary. Also, don’t leave the wire on for too long as it can start to cut into the bark and cause damage.

bonsai training wire

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  • bonsai training wire

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