Banksia integrifolia

Banksia Bonsai

A specimen native to Australia and WA in particular. The Banksia genus is pivotal to Australia’s wildlife with over 170 species carrying out a range of roles in the ecosystem. Its pale yellow flowers arrive from the end of summer through to winter and are usually seen along the coastline. 

Banksia Bonsai Care Tips

Banksia appreciate plenty of sun being a native Australian species. Grow in full sun to keep the growth compact and healthy. Artificial lighting is likely a must for UK growth. If placed outdoors Banksia will certainly need protection from harsh winter conditions. 

Though Banksia are significantly drought-resistant bonsai, it is best to water regularly, queued by the checking the dryness of the top inch of soil.   

Feed your Banksia Bonsai with a mild liquid fertiliser ideally with a slow release every two weeks except in winter. 

Pruning your Banksia can take place regularly. Trim vertical growth back hard, less sow for sideways growth, and let this grow out freely. Consistent leaf trimming only aids the growth of a Banksia and develops a thick trunk. Pinch consistently during every period. 

Banksia only take to very light wiring. This is a fast growing tree that will mark easily from wiring. If wiring a branch down is a needs must, consider wiring the tip up and then cutting back hard later after it has grown freely. 

Repot your Banksia every 12 to 18 months and fertilise considerably each time. Banksia appreciate a soil with plenty of grit and sand befitting their native environment. 

Trees that are ready for repotting will require root pruning, a suitable new pot and appropriate soil mix.

When repotting, do not cut back the root mass by a large amount, and choose a well-draining soil mix that has a neutral or slightly higher PH value of 5-6 but not over 7. We tend to use a mixture of different speciality bonsai soils on our trees. Every species is different so please contact us for free soil-mix advice or to take advantage of our repotting service.

Bonsai make for a one-of-a-kind indoor plant offering elegance, nature and art all in one minute form. Across an array of exquisite and erudite species, they all demand their own specific care and cultivation needs in order for their beauty to flourish. We have an extensive library of care guides for indoor bonsai trees so you can make an informed and considered choice. It’s not about selecting the perfect bonsai, it’s about selecting the perfect bonsai for you.