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Ficus 37cm

The ficus indoor bonsai tree ‘Ficus retusa’ is the ideal bonsai tree for beginners. It is suitable for indoor placement and very adaptable to most conditions. They are an evergreen tree and its lush, waxy leaves and aerial roots will be a point of interest in any room.  

This lovely ficus bonsai tree is standing at approximately 37cm tall in a round cream ceramic glazed oriental pot with a width of 26cm and depth of 22cm. This ficus features an elegantly curving trunk and beautifully structured branches. A suiseki rock has been placed in its pot for added interest.

Bonsai Dimensions
Pot Dimensions
Height: 37cm      Height: 6cm
Depth: 22cm Depth: 10cm   
Width: 26cm   Width: 13m

The ficus cannot endure frosts and the cold so keep it inside the house. Choose a place that receives a lot of sunlight and with a constant warm temperature: the ficus thrives best in warm, humid environments so consider providing a gravel tray.

Watering and feeding: 

They must be watered generously as soon as the top inch of soil gets dry. Do not let the soil dry out fully and avoid constant wetness. See our watering guide.
Only feed periodically during the growing season (March-Oct). 

Pruning and wiring:  

The ficus tolerates pruning very well and is one of the faster growing species. Prune in late autumn and winter.
The ficus is ideal for shaping with standard wiring. 


Repot in early spring with a well-draining bonsai soil mix. 

Find our repotting guide here. 

Our repotting services can be found here.

For more information about the ficus indoor bonsai tree please visit our blogs page.  

Please Note: measurements given are approximate. Depending on the season, the appearance of the tree may vary. The tree that you receive may differ in size and shape to the photo if it has grown or been pruned since. 

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