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Trident Maple 54cm

The trident maple bonsai tree gets its name from its three-pointed leaves, which change colour dramatically throughout the seasons. Native to China and Japan, the trident maple is one of the most popular deciduous species for bonsai. It grows fast and develops a thick trunk, leaving a lovely silhouette once the leaves have dropped in winter. 

This beautiful trident maple bonsai tree is standing at approximately 28cm tall in a plastic pot with a depth of 22cm and width of 20cm. This trident maple features a thick, straight trunk with a lovely silhouette.

Bonsai Dimensions
Pot Dimensions
Height: 28cm Height: 7cm
Depth: 22c Depth: 10cm
Width: 20cm Width: 15cm

Choose an outdoor location that is sunny but protected from strong wind and scorching sunlight in the hottest part of summer days. Protect from harsh frost in winter.  

Watering and feeding: 

They must be watered generously as soon as the top inch of soil gets dry. Do not let the soil dry out fully and avoid constant wetness. See our watering guide.
Only feed periodically during the growing season (March-Oct). 

Pruning and wiring:

The shoots and twigs of the trident maple can and should be trimmed all year round. Remove large leaves during periods of active growth to encourage the appearance of smaller and finer leaves. Save any pruning or cutting of the stronger branches until autumn to prevent bleeding and seal with a wound closure agent to prevent infection.
The trident maple can be beautifully styled. Wiring is best done when the tree is in leaf since branches that contain sap are less likely to snap. 


Repot in early spring with a well-draining bonsai soil mix. 

Find our repotting guide here. 

Find our repotting services here. 

For more information about trident maple bonsai trees please visit our blogs page. 

Please Note: measurements given are approximate. Depending on the season, the appearance of the tree may vary. The tree that you receive may differ in size and shape to the photo if it has grown or been pruned since. 

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