Twisted Trunk Japanese White Pine 33cm


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Japanese White Pine 33cm

The Japanese white pine bonsai tree (Pinus parvifolia) is elegant, evergreen and highly ornamental when shaped well. This is a slower growing but very rewarding bonsai variety. It is a highly sought-after species and has been trained in Japan and China for centuries. 

This amazing Japanese white pine is standing at approximately 33cm tall in a bright green ceramic pot with a depth of 13cm and width of 18cm. The white pine has symmetrical exposed roots and the foliage balances the twisted trunk perfectly. 

Bonsai Dimensions
Pot Dimensions
Height: 33cm  Height: 7.5cm
Depth: 13cm Depth: 13cm
Width: 18cm Width: 16cm

The Japanese white pine is a very hardy species that can tolerate harsh conditions well and will only survive outdoors. Look for a spot that receives bright and full sun.
Protect from frost in winter. 

Watering and feeding: 

They must be watered generously as soon as the top inch of soil gets dry. Do not let the soil dry out fully and avoid constant wetness. See our watering guide.
Only feed periodically during the growing season (March-Oct). 

Pruning and wiring:

Japanese white pines grow quickly upwards, at the expense of lower branches and inner shoots. You can pinch back the growing tips during summer to thin out its growth and encourage lower branching and a more balanced structure.
Training your Japanese white pine is possible as the branches are supple and can be bent easily, even into older age. Wire them from early autumn to early spring and leave the wires on for a long while; the white pine grows very slowly and is likely to bend back to its original shape if taken off too early 


Repot in early spring with a well-draining bonsai soil mix. 

Find our repotting guide here. 

Find our repotting services here. 

For more information about the Japanese white pine bonsai tree please visit our blogs page. 

Please Note: measurements given are approximate. Depending on the season, the appearance of the tree may vary. The tree that you receive may differ in size and shape to the photo if it has grown or been pruned since 

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